Ultimate Measuring Set – 18-Piece Mastery Collection

Ultimate Measuring Set – 18-Piece Mastery Collection


Life moves fast, and your kitchen needs to keep up. That’s where Morgenhaan comes in. Expertly crafted from durable stainless steel, it will shine in the hustle and bustle of your kitchen from weekly meal prep to last-minute dinners. Accurate, easy to use, and ready for daily dishwashing.


Make life in the kitchen easier with attractive measuring cups and spoons by Morgenhaan.


Made from 304 grade stainless steel that is exceptionally durable and beautiful, our measuring set will stand up to daily wear and tear. They are extremely resistant to corrosion and rust, dishwasher safe and polishable. These will be the last measuring cups and spoons you’ll ever need.


Measuring cups get thrown out when they warp, dent or handles break off. It’s wasteful. With love for the environment, our solution was simple: thick cups. Combined with specialty steel designed not to rust, our cups are made thick enough to withstand all the banging, drops, and normal stress of daily use. Our 0.8mm thickness may be different to similar-looking cups on the market.


Instead of riveted handles that may bend and break over time, the entire Morgenhaan measuring cup is designed in one piece with a single sheet of strong 18/8 stainless steel. Forever Handles are engineered this way to last a lifetime. Say goodbye to fragile handles.


We strive to make things easier on you in the kitchen. That’s why our measuring cups feature graduated markings for smaller quantities so you can measure different amounts of ingredients quickly. By having each cup measure additional quantities, you’ll get to work more efficiently in the kitchen.


Unlike other measuring sets, Morgenhaan cups and spoons feature easy-to-read volume markings that are stamped directly into the metal so they’ll never fade or scratch off. Designed with a smooth satin finish and restaurant-quality craftsmanship, this measuring set will remain as beautiful as the day you bought it.


Set includes five mini measuring spoons perfect for soap and cosmetic making, cheese making, and more. Never again guess how much a “pinch” or “dash” is. Made with our same specialty-grade stainless steel and crafted with wider handles for careful handling of important ingredients.


Space is a premium in the kitchen. That’s why our spoons and cups to stack neatly together, allowing you to save space in your drawers or on the countertop. Our spoons fit into even the smallest spice containers and mustard jars for easy scooping and measuring.