Essentials Measuring Set – 13-Piece Baker’s Bliss

Essentials Measuring Set – 13-Piece Baker’s Bliss


Measuring ingredients may well become your favorite step of any recipe with this measuring set by Morgenhaan. While common plastic measuring cups seem to do the job, they are never a joy to use. Experience beautiful stainless steel measuring cups and spoons and you’ll never reach for plastic again.


Make life in the kitchen easier with these attractive measuring cups and spoons by Morgenhaan.

Professional Quality 18/8 Stainless Steel
Those who discover good quality stainless steel measuring cups and spoons rarely ever go back to flimsy plastic varieties. These measuring cups feel substantial in your hand, and the polished mirror finish looks great as the cups sit perfectly balanced on your countertop – even when empty! The grade of stainless steel was specifically chosen for its strength, durability, and extremely high resistance to corrosion.

Matching Set of Spoons for All Your Measuring Needs
Never struggle with tiny herb and spice jars again! This set comes with Morgenhaan measuring spoons that will save you some serious hair pulling as the sleek, rectangular-shaped spoons can slide effortlessly into any herb or spice container. Never pour ingredients out of their container or need a knife to reach into small openings again.

“Forever Handles” Ensure a Lifetime of Service
Besides being dishwasher-safe and coming in all the sizes you’ll need, the most loved feature of Morgenhaan measuring cups is the special handle design. Instead of attaching handles to the cup that will bend or break under the stress of daily use, Morgenhaan constructs the cup and handle from a single sheet of stainless steel. This single-piece design ensures your measuring cups will never need replacing.

Etched, Fade-Proof Volume Markings
Easy-to-read volume and capacity indicators are permanently laser-etched into the cups and spoons so they will won’t fade or scratch off.

Featuring thoughtful features and heirloom-quality, Morgenhaan stands up to daily use and will remain just as beautiful as the day you bought them.