Silicone Baking Cups

Silicone Baking Cups

Non-stick, reusable silicone baking cups that will stay solid and strong through years of use. BPA-free and made with quality European silicone, they are perfect for cupcakes, Paleo baked egg muffins, fun serving bowls, and more.


These OvenArt Silicone Baking Cups may very well become your favorite piece of equipment in the kitchen! Discover why they are so much more than just easy-to-clean replacements for paper muffin liners.

If you like to bake, buying paper muffin liners and watching the costs add up can get a bit annoying. These colorful and easy to use silicone muffin liners bring the fun back to baking! They are amazingly nonstick and guaranteed to remain nonstick for the life of the product (unlike metal muffin pans with their chemical nonstick coatings).

As a result of using the highest quality European silicone we could find, cleanup is completely hassle and headache free with just a bit of detergent and water. Let versatile bakeware inspire your creativity! Inspire your inner chef to create delicious and healthy egg muffins (bake today, freeze, enjoy all week). There’s no better way to enjoy hot egg breakfast sandwiches because they bake perfectly and pop right out. Or treat your senses to luscious chocolate dessert cups, gelatin, mousse and frozen desserts. When you order today, you’ll soon discover why silicone is truly today’s miracle baking material.

Enjoy 3 products in 1: Bakeware, Serveware and Bento Box Dividers! Better baking’s just the beginning. You can also use these miracle baking cups to separate items bento box style in lunchboxes (kids love the bright colors). Also use them to serve nuts, candies and other treats during special occasions. The durable, BPA-free silicone material makes them completely safe for the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.


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