OvenArt Bakeware Usage & Tips

Before First Use of Your Silicone Bakeware

You will notice that the silicone is very soft and flexible. As our bakeware is made of 100% silicone, it will be naturally flexible. A cookie sheet can help with transferring the bakeware to and from the oven. Other silicone bakeware products that are unusually sturdy may actually contain plastic filller material. Over time, this plastic filler can produce odours and compromise nonstick performance.

Wash the bakeware in warm soapy water before first use.

Baking With OvenArt Silicone Bakeware

– Place the bakeware on a cookie sheet before filling the cups for easy oven transfer. For thicker, not so “runny” batters like corn bread, you may not need the help of a cookie sheet.

– Lightly grease the cups using oil, butter, or margarine.

– For muffin pans, wipe away any excess batter from the top surface for easier cleanup.

– Place the cookie sheet on the middle oven rack and bake according to the recipe. Check for doneness using a toothpick.

– If needed, feel free to add a couple of minutes to baking times until desired browning is reached.

– The silicone cools quickly and will be cool to touch within a couple of minutes of removing from the oven. Pop out your baked goods with your fingers by pushing up from the bottom of the cups.

– Enjoy your delicious, baked works of art!

– And finally, get in touch and let us know how you enjoyed your new bakeware – we’d love to hear from you!